Modern material processing methods and state-of-the-art technology enable production of end products in various forms.

The production area is difficult to define, however most of the end products refer to fasteners with a widest application in various areas of human activity.

To give you an insight into the our products range, we have made a rough division of production according to specific criteria.

Connectors of all types for installations which include connecting liquid media:

  • connectors
  • two ring connectors
  • screw connector
  • extended connector
  • welding connector
  • angular connector
  • self-adhesive connector
  • combined connector
  • flange connector

Valves and valve parts:

  • non-return valves
  • flow valves
  • high pressure valves
  • alternating valves

Welding joints for:

  • welding reductions
  • welding connectors
  • welding elbows

Turning parts for:

  • nonstandard programme
  • various parts for the mechanical engineering industry
  • parts for the food industry, dairy industry
  • parts for the photo industry
  • parts for the textile industry

In machine production, we process various materials, mostly stainless steel. We process the following materials:

  • stainless steel
  • black steel (steel for machines)
  • aluminium (Al)
  • brass (Ms)
  • copper (Cu)
  • bronze

In terms of profile, the material is divided into:

  • round
  • square
  • hexagon
  • tube

Finished products can be made in two ways:

  • by making products from standard length bars
  • by making products from pre-cut pieces